Not another lazy day for me. So, while I was googling (at work) hehehe,this pasta negra just popped up in my head ( naalala ko binasa ko to sa blog na lutonidennis) and it obviously made me eager to cook and try it.

Imitation crab meat
6 pcs squid or more
250g Linguine pasta
1 white onion
6 cloves of garlic
Olive oil

Madali lang naman po siyang lutuin ang mahirap lang na part ay ang paglinis at pagkuha ng ink sa squid
Ofcourse dapat fresh ang squid (parang ako lang, fresh) chos.

1.How would you know kung fresh? Titigan mo ang mga mata. Make sure its clear and white. Parang yung mga nasa cartoons lang. BIG AND ROUND!

2.Next would be the skin,it is supposed to be clear dahil pag mejo dark na cia un na yung mga squid na FROZEN. Like this, niluto ko kc siya one day after ko siya binili so mejo dark na. They go dark fast.

3.But dont worry (always be happy) we have another way of knowing kung hindi na siya kasing fresh ko. You can smell it naman, now if they smell bulok (rotten) then its time for you to call your cat (hehe)

First remove the head from its body. Hila hila lang ng slight to get the ink sac.Cut tentacles.Remove beak(its not edible)remove the plastic thingy (cartilage) from the body tube.Make sure na walang isda sa loob ng katawan ng squid.Icheck nio din kc baka may nakaing shark(corny).Peel the dark spotty skin,although edible naman din siya mas maganda lang siguro for me tignan ang color white sa pasta.Then cut it into rings,wash it with water and voila!!!
Take extra care when you are removing the ink sac.The ink does stain. You can use your bare hands to squeeze it in little container with 3 tablespoons of water or lemon.
Sorry I was not able to get pictures of the procedure.Mahirap kase and malansa pa.So I'd rather not take the risk.hehehe


1.Saute Garlic and Onion sa olive oil.
2.Followed by the crab meat. It's your option to put shrimp cube to add more flavor.Pwede din namang wala.Hindi ko lang nalaala lagyan yung niluto ko but its ok.
3.Put the squid next.REMEMBER to AVOID OVERCOOKING IT. Magiging matigas siya at mahirap nguyain.Siguro mga 1-2 minutes pwede na sa slow fire.
4.Put the squid ink.
5.Salt and pepper to taste

another option: hindi ko pa siya na tra-try,but if you want creamy pasta you can also put nestle cream.

First timer lang po ako sa ganitong klaseng pasta. I never thought na magugustuhan siya ni vlads. Ok lang naman po magkamali sa una and its more ok to explore lalo na sa ingredients na hinahalo sa pasta. Kaya if ever may natuklasan kau to make the taste better sana sabihan niyo din ako. You can put a comment and make suggestions naman po sa post ko.


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