PADDLE BACK! PADDLE FORWARD!!! (Cdo white water rafting)


2nd day: 1:30 PM--- Now we're ready for our next adventure!!! WATER RAFTING!!!

IMPORTANT THINGS TO BRING/WEAR as per our tour guide:
Sunblock lotion 
Shorts/swim wear
slippers/aqua shoes
Camera (better if its a waterproof cam)

1.basic-14 rapids
2.advance-21 rapids
3.extreme -36 rapids

Dahil all boys ang kasama ko we opted to do the advance course. (mga nagmamaganda!!!) I was a bit scared at first cause it was drizzling when we arrived at the location. Wala ako maciadong nakitang tao at mukang malungkot ang ilog.(may ganun?). We had a little briefing session with our paddle master (not sure how they call themselves), and we were given a little background about water rafting and of course how it started to be a tourist must try in cagayan de oro.

We were given the 4 important commands:  FORWARD paddle, BACK paddle,STOP & the HIGH FIVE!
You have to listen very carefully and you have to be attentive to the paddle master if you really want to go home alive. (CHOS..) 

Standard Gear for water rafting:
Life jacket

US doing a "HIGH FIVE"

Our seating arrangement:
2 REAL BOYS infront- vladz and emets
2 matapang girls in the middle- Jeff and Monch
2 Maartes at the back- Thats Me and Carl

Listen to the paddle master and follow all his commands at all times. TRUST him. In fact, i trusted him more than my boyfriend kaya sa tabi niya ko umupo. (hahahaha, peace babe) 

The advance course will take about 4-5 hours, depende kung gaano kayo kagaling mag paddle..

We were all screaming as we get to our first rapid (tugs tugs tugs!!!parang nasa patok na jip lang ang feeling) I thought mag kaka heart attack akes.
Buti na lang magagaling kame!!!

Its not that scary as it sounds naman, you just need to listen to your paddle master and you would get the adrenaline rush na hinahanap mo.astig!

Hindi naman rough ang dadaanan mo lage,in fact I did appreciate the serenity and the bonggang forest scenery habang  tinatahak (bigword.hehe) namen ang ilog.

Mga positions na pinagawa ng paddle master.

Pumasok kame dito and we were suprised by what we saw!! Kung anu un, puntahan nio para makita nio!!! (Galema!!!!)

More shower sa mini falls!!!

Having our photo taken during the ride was a bonggang idea, walang natago!! 
Here, I almost lost my balance pero more paddle pa din at sobrang gusto ko ng matapos!!! Haha


Wow!! Grabe! One of the nakaka-aliw/nakakalokang bagay na nagawa ko. The first adrenaline filled experience for me and vladz.Unforgettable, and If we ever get the chance to do it again, we'll do the extreme!!! 

Hindi ko po ito pinangarap o nilagay sa bucket list ko pero nagawa ko!! Sana kau din!!!


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Joy Calipes-Felizardo said...

Wahaha! Had the same grand experience just last week! Got your blog from Green Pastures' FB page. Here is mine: , see you around:)

Anonymous said...

great pics



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